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Реальное имяДенис
Год рождения1985
О себеY'all bitches love dances, and pulling down your pants while your man's on tour, your spending up his advances. Your friends ain't shit, all they do is drink, smoke, and suck dick The whole projects is trapped in stench You either high school drop-outs, one to three cop-outs Fifteen years old, shorty ass and top out Ninety-nine cent beer drinking pussy stinking Fucking so much your ass and titties start shrinking New World Order slave trade, minimum wage, better cage. Can a devil fool a Muslim nowadays Inside my lab, I'm going mad Took two drags off the blunts, and started breaking down the flag The blue is for the Crips, the red is for the Bloods The whites for the cops, and the stars come from the clubs or the slugs that ignites, through the night, by the dawn. Early light, why is sons fighting for the stripe.
И ещёBob Digi, U G.O.D, Raekwon the Chef, the Inspektah Deck M.E.T.H.O.D. (Man), the B.O.B.B., straight up, Masta Killa, the Gza, the Genius.. It's the Ol' D-d-dza-za-za Diiiirty Bastard!
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