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Фотографии ale)(ion


Регистрационная анкета ale)(ion

Реальное имяSergey
Год рождения1989
ОбразованиеГГТУ им. П.О. Сухого MTF
ICQ400146827 400146827 (https://wwp.icq.com/400146827)
О себеYou, do you remember me? Like I remember you? Do you spend your life going back in your mind to that time? Cause I, I walk the streets alone, I hate being on my own And everyone can see that I really fell. And I'm going through hell, Thinking about… you were somebody else… How, How could we go wrong It was so good and now it's gone? And I pray at night that our paths soon will cross. And what we had isn't lost. Cause you're always right here in my thoughts… You'll always be in my life, even if I'm not in your life. Because you're in my memory You, will you remember me? And before you set me free oh listen please: Can you hear it calling? Can you feel it in your soul? Can you trust this longing? And take control… All your worries, leave them somewhere else. Find a dream you can follow. Reach for something, when there's nothing left, and the world's feeling hollow. In a moment, everything can change. Feel the wind on your shoulder. For a minute, all the world can wait. Let go of yesterday…
И ещёI loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blue... And you say Sorry like an angel heaven let me think was you. But I'm afraid...
Регистрация12.02.2007 12:33:05 (4482 дня назад)
Последний вход05.07.2008 17:35:27 (3973 дня назад)

Персональная статистика ale)(ion

ДеньВходыФразыПриватРазмерБыл в чате
05.07.2008100000 час 00 мин
МесяцВходыФразыПриватРазмерБыл в чате
июль 2008100000 час 00 мин
май 2008332 (67%)14700 час 10 мин
апрель 2008167342 (58%)256001 час 05 мин
март 20088399 (23%)139600 час 20 мин
февраль 20087480223200 час 45 мин
январь 2008409266 (72%)318102 час 10 мин
декабрь 200732192143 (74%)1254705 час 35 мин
ноябрь 2007112321 (91%)68000 час 30 мин
октябрь 20072212184 (69%)514703 час 15 мин
сентябрь 2007111610 (63%)98600 час 30 мин
июль 2007132620 (77%)90102 час 30 мин
июнь 200710162144 (89%)798404 час 05 мин
май 2007210571 (68%)370001 час 30 мин
апрель 200713260230 (88%)626105 час 25 мин
март 20074318 (26%)93600 час 25 мин
февраль 200733421340 (81%)1680510 час 45 мин

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