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Реальное имяMy Name Is Nobody - Brother Abel.mp3
Год рождения1989
Город/странаSweep the Leg Johnny - New Buffalo.mp3
ОбразованиеAt The Close Of Every Day - High School Lovers Usa.mp3
РаботаHoneysuckle Serontina - Stoopid.mp3
Цвет глазBlue
Цвет волосNobody
Ваш вес59
О себе"Deep Elm are one of THE legendary underground record labels from the US, right up there with Dischord, No Idea and Jade Tree. The Emo Diaries stopped in 2004, but three years later, Deep Elm are taking back emo with Chapter 11. If you're familiar with the Deep Elm back catalogue you'll have a pretty good idea what to expect here: emotionally charged indie rock with melodic guitars and harmonies. Above Them are definitely the standout for me, but there's a nice variety of stuff on show here. I'm Fashion, You're Victim sound kinda like Thrice covering Poison the Well, and the female vocals of While You Were Gone make a nice change. If you already know Deep Elm then you probably want a copy of this already. If you don't, but you yearn for something more than Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance then start with The Emo Diaries." - Die Shellsuit, Die!
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